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I’ve been wanting to attempt a vegetarian Banh Mi for some time. No better time like the present! I went with a mushroom paté when I was leafing through my favorite hippie cookbook, Cookbook for the New Age : Earth Water Fire Air. I’m pretty sure there is no better smell than onions, garlic and mushrooms cooking. Oh, what doesn’t smell good? Pickled carrot and radish. I was carrying some leftovers (from my lunch) to dinner the other night when my friend forced me to throw out the jar. 

*Also, I realize that it’s supposed to be cilantro. Which is what I used for the actual picnic. Just not for the photo shoot. Ohlala.

I’m so happy that Rebecca, Kit, and Aviva invited me to celebrate World Party Day in Paris (I know it’s not until April 3). People picnic all the time here but this picnic was a little different because there were glow sticks. And you better believe there was some glow stick twirling going on. Don’t worry, we waited thirty minutes after eating. 

Check out Rebecca’s blog Big Things to see how other folks have been celebrating WPD. The WPD tumblr should get you pretty stoked too.

#worldpartyday ready. (Taken with instagram)

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