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Green Bean Casserole Sandwich on Brioche.

Chickpea Mash / Pickled Radish + Carrot / Feta / Greens on Focaccia

Pea + Mint Pesto / Montealva Goat’s Milk Cheese / Watermelon Radish / Cuke

Presenting the gâteau de crêpes.

Roasted Carrot + Harissa Hummus / Radish / Arugula / Manchego

Sunshine Sandwich 

Lentil + Walnut Paté / Roasted Beets / Manchego / Spicy Sprouts

Beet Salad Sandwich : Roasted + Raw Beets / Candied Walnuts / Herbed Chèvre / Greens

Baking my own gluten free sandwich bread these days.

Tifamaking some sandos. Outtake from the Kinfolk feature on Tifamade.

photo by Nico Alary

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