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The German publication Luna Magazin features some kid-friendly Tifamade recipes.

Giving the gift of sandwiches with my new DIY sandwich wrap on Pattern Pulp.

Hi! New sandwich. I’ll be at Ofr this weekend with these guys. You know what they say, when in Paris, eat Tifamade. Ok, nobody says that. But whatever. It’s a delicious sandwich, made with beets of course, because I cannot eat enough beets.

This is kinda like a sandwich I fell in love with at Saltie in Brooklyn. I made it with beautiful roasted beets from my favorite Joël Thiébault (I think I always call beets “beautiful”). The olive and caper tapenade makes it extra super salty. I eat gluten-free bread and it isn’t the most beautiful thing on earth, but it is preety tastee

I find it odd that black beans don’t exist in France, at least not in cans, ready-to-eat, like I was accustomed to at home. I have a secret list of stores where I can actually buy the dried beans. Each week, I make a large batch to keep in the fridge, sometimes dipping in with a spoon for no apparent reason. I made this sandwich as an ode to my favorite bean, the frijole negro, in an attempt to convince a part of France to like it too. 

**totally spelled caramelized incorrectly. i blame my hoosier upbringing. please forgive me.

After reading about how to fry the perfect egg, I topped some of last night’s ratatouille with an egg that was indeed perfectly fried. I haven’t yet figured out how to navigate Julia Child’s Mastering the Art, but I did enjoy what she had to say about ratatouille:

"Happily a ratatouille may be cooked completely the day before it is to be served, and it seems to gain in flavor when reheated."

Ratatouille, according to Child, is an “eggplant casserole with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and zucchini” to which we always add a little feta around here (and whatever veggies need to be used).

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