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Carrot-Radish-Apple Slaw/Comté/Hard-Boiled Eggy/Mayo

This week : Roasted Eggplant Purée + Feta Sandwiches.

Eat this sandwich if you don’t plan on doing any making-out. Really.

This week I’m making Veggie Banh Mi. Mushroom paté is one of my favorite things.

Thanks to Jenn of Randwiches for sharing this. I’m laughing out loud a lot at the sandwich names these guys come up with.

I admire Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks. A lot. Every recipe I’ve cooked, either from her books or web site, has been delicious. I don’t know how that can happen every time. I used her Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe as a jumping off place for my patties. I added parmesan cheese and whole grain mustard, and substituted scallions in place of a regular onion. They were so good, we each had two for lunch today.

*I also used Elevation Organic Ketchup, which is sweet and delicious and made in Denver.

I adore Erin Jang’s Food Sketches series. Totally brill.

Here, the Lenny’s sandwich.

The Ratatouille Sandwich is something I like to make in the summertime when vegetables are at their juiciest. This is a paper version until gardens get into full swing. Pictures by Taryn Kapronica

New sandwiches. A little  project I’m working on. Can’t wait to share the final thing.

I was craving veggie meatballs. So I made some.

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