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My friend Catherine is behind BEG Bicycles. Have you seen these beauties? Really, they are my total dream bikes. I’d take a Betty in Persephone Pink any day (I just opened my eyes after making my wish, and my bike is still my old pink bike). Ahem. 

Thanks Catherine for showing us what it’s like to ride in real Dutch style! And your cycling attire is summertime perfection.

This is Isabelle on her pretty purple cruiser. Isabelle is my buddy in tea-drinking, art-watching, and craft-making. She is also one of the most capable people I know and always has an encouraging word (is it obvious how great I think she is?). You can look at her creative projects here and here.

Thanks Isa, I look forward to lots of good summer rides with you.

Pascal Montary always has a smile on his face. Occasionally I see him riding by on his bicycle but I’m never loud enough or fast enough to catch him. He took a polaroid portrait of me and my bike in a park when I first met him. Please look at his photography work here.

Thanks Pascal for sending me your picture. I’m honored to have you here.

This is a stolen fromwhereibike from Mary Dauterman (look at the creative work she does here, or check out her tumblr with a funny name here). I peeped it on her Instagram stream and asked her if I could share it here. She said yes (thanks Mary). I was tickled to see her cute mocs and color-coordinated bike.

This is Rubi’s fromwhereibike. She’s the magic behind the blog She Lets Her Hair Down. When I heard her talking about riding a bike, I immediately asked for her bike portrait. She wrote back that she doesn’t have a bike here, that she’s been riding the Velib around town (but if anyone has any leads on cute vintage bikes in Paris, let her know). That made me even more excited, because I’m a fan of the bike share program. 

Rubi is fun because she always asks the best questions, and just gets how to make good conversation. And she doesn’t mind helmet head (I need to get her secrets on this one).

Thanks Rubi!

Here’s my dad on his bike. It’s his birthday this weekend, and I thought it only appropriate to see his fromwhereibike since he’s the reason I like bikes so much. He just visited a couple of weeks ago and showed me how to take care of my bike (he was appalled by how dirty my bike was!). Thanks dad!

Some things about my dad :

-When I was little we went to Mackinaw Island for camping. I got tired of riding my bike around the island so he pushed me while I took advantage of not having to pedal.

-He comes to France once a year to ride a stage of the Tour de France.

-He owns at least six bikes, that I can count. He’s kind of obsessed.

My dad is really inspiring to me, and I’m happy that he shared his picture.

François is my photographer buddy who makes really beautiful pictures (you can also be amazed here). I consider François to be the Tifamade sandwich authority—all sandwiches must meet his approval first. 

Funny friend story : I first let François try out my bike for a test ride a few years ago. I thought I was being nice. But when he returned with oily hands because the chain had fallen off, I realized I hadn’t done him much of a favor. He now has his own super black bike that you can see here. 

Thanks François!

I saw Anabela's new bike on Instagram and knew right away that I wanted to ask her for a fromwhereibike picture. This tiny little Instagram square encapsulates all that I love about Anabela’s style. It’s a gem of coral maxi skirt goodness + cute shoes + new bike excitement.

Check out Fieldguided for Anabela’s bike-themed posts this week. Including the sweet nautical reflector collar she made.

Thanks Anabela!


This is Kit's view from her pink bike.

Exciting things:

*We are bike twins (!!!).

*Her bike’s colorful homemade badge is my favorite. 

*Kit makes our world a more colorful, creative place. Check it out here.


When I saw this picture today I got very excited. This one is from my friend Miss Emily Moseley in Kentucky. She’s the one who gave me the idea to turn this into something fun. I’d love to see your view too!

Send me your Instagrams or just plain photos of your view from your bike. But don’t get run over in the process, please.


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