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candy floss on the go

Best food bike concept.

My lovely friends Rubi and Stanton, and I set off on bikes one day to film some of my favorite places in Paris. The ride ends with a picnic along the Canal St. Martin, *the place* to hang out once the weather turns nice. Music is by my friends Mayon and Lisa Li.

Parisian newspaper delviery.


Love love the work of Serena Olivieri. Especially this little bike.

If I ever replace the pink lady, there’s this bike made out of food. 

(Credit: Fabian Ohrn/via Trendland ) via Bon Appétit’s blog.

I saw this photo by Steven Siegel and it made me miss brown bag lunches, something I’d like to do with Tifamade. I imagine writing notes on the bag to my customers. Like “Have a great day!” or “Don’t let work bullies get you down!” I’ll have to make an inventory of lunch bag phrases.

(via Miss Moss)

Match made in heaven! If I could be something else I would be this cocktailcycle in London. 

The Travelling Gin Co.

I need to talk to these guys about meeting halfway for a drink and sandwich fiesta.

(Obrigado Bella!)

My un-uncle (it’s a long story. wait, what’s your cousin’s uncle called?) posted this picture from London. So pretty!

My friend Danielle just posted this picture and of course it’s obligatory that I repost it here. 

Kermeeeee via

Dan Cretu

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