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Parisian newspaper delviery.


Love this illustration by Karolin Schnoor.

via Emmadime

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet is rad! 

via Design Sponge

So I just discovered lots of good things all at once. Via The Wild Unknown (talented lady), I discovered Cold Splinters (which made me massively home sick for the US). THEN…the icing on this cake, The Cookie Lady. She’s passed now, but her legacy is that she liked cookies and cyclists. She’s alright in my book. I take inspiration from The Cookie Lady, may she rest in peace.

(photo via Cold Splinters, where you should go to read more about The Cookie Lady)

My friend Anne has been teaching me the French I need to know with her illustrated series of French expressions. This one particularly made me laugh.

Anne has all kinds of interesting stuff about France, and travel in general, on her blog Prêt à Voyager.

via bikebabes

Well I’d like to know how you turn all these lines and circles into a finished bicycle.

I made a detailed DIY if you want to make your own Lock Sock (my friend coined the term Lock Sock, and is charging me each time I use it).

Keep an eye out for more DIY projects from me at Pattern Pulp. I’m very happy to be contributing ideas in that creative space. 

The other day I saw this DIY on DESIGNLOVEFEST and got the idea to update the cover on my bike lock. It’s a little silly, because as a friend once pointed out, dogs probably pee on it all the time. But I still wear it around my neck (despite safety warnings, I know!), so it might as well look good. I hand-painted impermeable cotton with fabric paint. More photos soon, I just couldn’t wait to share.

After Winter must come Spring, and I’m going to be ready for it with this stuff :

Sögreni bell / Dents gloves / wearable planter / Wet & Wendy mini cape / Reload bag (out of stock) / Happy Socks

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