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New sandwiches. A little  project I’m working on. Can’t wait to share the final thing.

I was craving veggie meatballs. So I made some.

I bought some delicious Neal’s Yard Dairy Stilton from The Truffle Cheese Shop. After devouring the bulk of cheese with my dad (he claims to be from the same town as the cheese), the left-over crumbles were too precious to throw away. I made a Stilton, walnut, and cream cheese spread. The Brussels sprouts I turned into a slaw with pomegranate seeds. 

Here’s the photo version of Jessie’s adorable illustrations of my Pumpkin Sandwich recipe. 

I’m pleased to share the project I worked on with Jessie of The Francofly for the Haven in Paris blog. I adore Jessie’s illustrations, and I’m happy to share a recipe for an autumnal pumpkin delight. Thanks to both Jessie and HiP Paris.

Coming soon. Brussels Sprouts Cole Slaw Sandwich.

Here are some of the place cards I made for the Kinfolk picnic. I went to the flea market with the goal of finding vintage picnic images. I had the idea after Maria sent me an old photo of people picnicking on a boat. I told one of the vendors what I was looking for and she thought it wouldn’t be easy. We started digging through her boxes of photos together and ended up finding more than enough. I had fun chatting in French and listening to the flea market gossip as we looked.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe the evening of the Kinfolk picnic Rubi and I hosted a couple of weeks back. The excitement of the entire day was pretty overwhelming, and I’m happy that Clément and our guests took pictures, because if it weren’t for them I’m not sure I would be able to remember it. I remember Rubi coming over and making sandwiches. I remember raising my glass in a toast to the occasion of gathering together in an incredible place to eat. I remember all of the fun people who were there. But it seems like no sooner had we unpacked our picnic that we were packing everything and riding home. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish every day could be a picnic like this one.

(pictures by Clément Pascal)

Peaches are my favorite. I’m sad to be missing the peaches from Colorado’s Western Slope this year. I’m eating my fair share to make up for the distance. 

Here’s a little dessert sandwich of grilled peaches (grilled in the most incredible old oven), the creamiest chêvre, basil, and balsamic reduction. Next time I’ll make it with a sweet challah or brioche.

I love pretty much anything that is featured on Lottie + Doof. I like Tim, and his way of talking about recipes. I often feel encouraged to try the recipes he features on his blog, because like him, they seem approachable. This smoky eggplant purée was easy and delicious, but not smoky. I couldn’t find smoked salt to save my life. The urfa pepper was easy to find at my fave Turkish market on rue St. Denis. They are so incredibly unfriendly there, but I can’t stay away because it’s a cave of ingredient wonders.

My friend AC came over to be the recipe tester. [Un}smoky eggplant purée, grilled halloumi cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and cabbage sprouts for color.

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