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I forgot to share this picture from my London trip. I caught the cheesemongers at Neal’s Yard Dairy in a full-on group hug. It’s not the best photo, but it was really nice to witness.

Kale. Purple, Curly, Lacinato (in a class of its own). I love them all. But I cannot find it in France. Is it hiding somewhere, and I am just not looking hard enough? 

I made this sandwich with ingredients I bought in London that are easily found on grocery store shelves there. Ingredients that are curiously difficult to acquire in Paris. I love cheddar cheese. I love delicious gluten free bread. And I’ve already mentioned that I love kale. I’m working through my frustration and looking for a plot of land where I can renegade garden some kale. 

Here’s a roasted cabbage and apple sandwich with sautéed kale and melted cheddar.

I bought the jumbo bag of Mini Magoo’s ginger granuesli. I was reassured by the owner Maria, Miss Mini Magoo, that it would last me a month. She was generously scooping out samples from a glass jar at the Borough Market, and I couldn’t resist. We talked about granola with such enthusiasm that my friends took a picture of me in my rapture of Maria’s great energy. I had my first bowl with almond milk and over-ripe banana. I’m in granola love.

Mini Magoo’s

at Planet Organic, and Borough Market

So these meatballs also came with two strips of bacon and a mound of mashed potatoes. This place reminds me of Lodge in Williamsburg, cute bearded waiters included. The chocolate volcano dessert was delightful.

The Elk in the Woods

37-39 Camden Passage

London N1 8EA

I love a good grilled cheese. It has to be my ultimate comfort food. On a rainy Sunday in London, Claire introduced me to the three cheese and chive toastie at Allpress Espresso.

Allpress Espresso

58 Redchurch Street

London E2 7DP

I’m writing postcards this week to the food I ate and loved in London. Primrose Bakery was pink and girly and full of children in school uni’s which was cute (in theory). Cupcake was light and fluffy and perfectly sugary. Kind of wish I had eaten two.

Primrose Bakery

69 Gloucester Avenue

London NW1 8LD

More tiny cuteness in London. Syd’s Coffee Stall has quite the history.

Mini Food Truck cuteness. I had no idea Jamie Oliver was behind this one. I think it would be very easy to remake that “J” into a “T” and drive this little guy back to Paris.

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