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My friend Eliza made a baguette tote while she was visiting Paris. I was inspired to make my own. Bleu, Blanc, Rouge pour la France!

Giving the gift of sandwiches with my new DIY sandwich wrap on Pattern Pulp.

My homemade sandwich wrap. Only a year in the making.

Here are some of the place cards I made for the Kinfolk picnic. I went to the flea market with the goal of finding vintage picnic images. I had the idea after¬†Maria sent me an old photo of people picnicking on a boat. I told one of the vendors what I was looking for and she thought it wouldn’t be easy. We started digging through her boxes of photos together and ended up finding more than enough. I had fun chatting in French and listening to the flea market gossip as we looked.

I made a detailed DIY if you want to make your own Lock Sock (my friend coined the term Lock Sock, and is charging me each time I use it).

Keep an eye out for more DIY projects from me at Pattern Pulp. I’m very happy to be contributing ideas in that creative space.¬†

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