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I just read this story yesterday. I’m a Hoosier (that means I’m from Indiana). I grew up with corn; it was everywhere. My favorite summer memories include shucking corn into paper bags at my great-grandparents lake cottage (there are also memories of older relatives and their stories of Sasquatch, but that’s for another time). 

This story from The New Yorker by Elizabeth Kolbert is a sad reminder of the devastating effects of climate change. My favorite excerpt :

"Corn’s female organs are sheathed in a sort of vegetable chastity belt—surrounded by a tough, virtually impenetrable husk. The only way in is by means of a silk thread that each flower extends, Rapunzel-like, through a small opening."

(little side note : My internet friend Lee Tran mentioned this article on Twitter this morning too, and it made me realize that what is happening in the Midwest is relevant globally.) 


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