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sandwiches and cakes brought to you on a pink bike


Keep Up With Tifamade

This little ditty is a simple sandwich of Chard Pesto / Hard-Boiled Egg / Not quite delicious summer Tomato / Goat’s Milk Gouda

My friend just sent this to me and it makes me happy forever.

This week’s peg board by Miguel.

Chickpea Mash / Pickled Radish + Carrot / Feta / Greens on Focaccia

We found this the other day and I can’t help but love it. But, I ask myself why is the bacon hanging from the pot like that, Rob Halford? 

Radish + Salted Butter

Mini faim.

In 1872, a vendor named Walter Scott cut windows into a small covered wagon and parked it in from of a local newspaper office in Providence, R.I. Sitting on a box inside, he sold sandwiches with pies and coffee.

The dawn of the mobile food movement.

-from The New York Times Magazine “Innovation”, Daniel Engber. May 4, 2014.

Pea + Mint Pesto / Montealva Goat’s Milk Cheese / Watermelon Radish / Cuke

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