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Keep Up With Tifamade

Not feeling well around this house. Chicken alphabet noodle soup on the way.

Kale Slaw / White Bean Spread / Montealva Goat Milk Cheese

Shakshuka is a new favorite. On a Sunday we made it in my new cast iron skillet, then sat around drinking wine and trying to finish the NYT crossword.

Loving things in bowls.

Hamantash by Caro.

People will not care much about the origins of their food and how it’s been grown and produced unless they first love it and are immersed in it.

Ottolenghi The Cookbook

@tifamade on Instagram. It would make me Instahappy if you followed along and you could find out what is inside this parcel!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw

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