t i f a m a d e

sandwiches and cakes brought to you on a pink bike


Keep Up With Tifamade

Working late at the central post.

Here’s the Tifamade home kitchen. Panda Head asked me to share my kitchen sink for the Kitchen Sink series—fun! My little rental apartment looks a lot nicer in black and white, especially those faux-marble countertops. 

Please remember : “People are awesome and life is worth living” said Hulk Hogan.

Jonathan Apple / Brie / Sage-Infused Honey

Tomato Jam / Basil / Grafton Cheddar

Hey guys, I like making you sandwiches. Thanks for supporting this little sandwich biz of mine.

Green Bean Casserole Sandwich on Brioche.

Saffron + Cauliflower Purée / Pickled Shallot / Feta / Greens

Grandma and I had something like a Zoolander walk-off yesterday-with cheese boards. Here the results. This lady invented the keyboard tie.

The Beet Salad Sandwich. Photo by Rachel Nobrega.

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